The photos below show how we attached the pressure sensors to the soles of the shoes. We covered the masking tape with electrical tape to make it look more finished. We wired the sensors along the shoe, to the Xbees strapped to the ankles. Each shoe was independent.

Detailed, step-by-step documentation of the circuits we made to support the Xbee2 modules can be found at this flickr photostream.

Beat Feet system schematicBeat Feet system schematic copy and use! Beat Feet electronic schematicBeat Feet electronic schematic copy and use! Attaching the pressure sensorAttaching the pressure sensor to the sole of the shoe Strategically placed.Strategically placed. We only ended up using one per heel Making sure they wonMaking sure they won't break   Trying it with the new soleTrying it with the new sole   Ready to go.Ready to go.             Beat FeetBeat Feet With an xbee each Beat FeetBeat Feet looping push button Beat HatBeat Hat With xbee sending input to the pc